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Character Song's : [ Samurai Sentai Shinkenger ] Suzuka Morita - Hanaori Kotoha Hannari Metcha Bushidou Girl


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Mako (ShinkenPink-Takanashi Rin) & Kotoha (ShinkenYellow-Morita Suzuka)

Tsukasa  published:2010-12-22T08:14:22.000Z

S.H. Figuarts Shinken Red vs. Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Figure | TOY COMPARISON

This is a straightforward comparison review between the S.H. Figuarts ShinkenRed and the Power Rangers Samurai Standard Red Ranger figure. And I've got to say, Figuarts are awesome. Thanks to BlueFin Tamashii Nations U.S.A., I've gotten hooked. The fact that their collaboration with Bandai America and Saban Brands this season doesn't help either. TO ALL TOY COLLECTORS: If you want to see Figuarts for another year, the Shinkenger ones NEED to sell out quickly. So contact all your friends who are into that kinda stuff and get them to buy these. Oh, and this is on a site now. If you want to read more about this video for whatever crazy fucking reason, here. Click the following link. Because it's on a blog now. Yay. http://danstokurants.rangercentral.com/?p=385 Also. Enjoy, you bastards.

SpeedRacerFlubber  published:2011-10-30T20:16:24.000Z

Shinkenger Cast 5th Anniversary

Thank you for 5 years , Matsuzaka Tori , Hiroki Aiba , Takanashi Rin , Suzuki Shogo , Morita Suzuka , Sōma Keisuke and Ibuki Gorō.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT WITH THIS VIDEO SOO HAPPY ! Also Shinkenger Cast vids since 2009/2010 are still up on this account so please watch if you havnt already thank you !!!! . and thank you to everyone who has watched My Videos, My Video editing, this show was the start of My Journey and they have changed my life. Last years i felt I put myself to high i wanted to do an emotional video again called KING but the song turned everyone all sad and emotional . I wanted to do a fun happy celebration video, a Tribute to the cast . always wanted to use this song since 2009 when i made the wallpaper for it One part of the video with the lyrics : Beat the Darkness is what they taught us but the Cast also had their own battle back from the movie was out , promotions for the movie in events and filming for the series had to stop because one of the members became ill . I don't know if people new but they came back as appearance with a conference but also becomes the movie became a big hit . They fort through together , came back together and created an amazing show that changed My Life and My Friends around me i can't thank them enough . After 7 hours of problems its done, sorry its short but i now know why i don't do cast videos as much as the show . Sony Vegas dosnt like AVI files anymore and alot of files just wernt working but i am happy with it . I hope it makes you smile with the cast.

FireandHeaven27  published:2014-02-15T22:35:37.000Z


・フォトエッセイ「Lovely Life」(双葉社)発売中 ・すぅちゃんの初舞台「へなちょこビーナス」 9/1~5 お申し込みはこちら https://ticket.corich.jp/apply/22297/... ・すぅちゃん舞台第2段「ぼくんち」9/28~10/3 お申し込みはこちら https://ticket.corich.jp/apply/22638/... アイドリング!!!公式サイト http://blog.fujitv.co.jp/idoling/inde... アイドリング!!!公式ブログ「煮詰まります!」 http://blog.fujitv.co.jp/idoling/blog... アイドリング!!!wiki http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%A... フジテレビCS放送ONE,TWO,NEXTで活躍中のアイドリング!!!メンバーの 2期生 (オンデマンド、地上波でも放送中) ※地上波は一部地域除く 11号 森田涼花:1992.09.07 16歳:156cm:B型:京都:ホリプロ テレビ朝日系日曜7時30分~侍戦隊シンケンジャー(イエロー) ・邦画初3D劇場版8月8日公開予定 ニックネームはすぅちゃん 森田涼花blog http://ameblo.jp/morita-suzuka/ 【とにかくめちゃめちゃ可愛い京都出身のすぅちゃんです】

MrCuteing  published:2009-06-20T02:12:38.000Z


すうちゃんの13枚目のイメージDVDが発売されますっ! 発売日:2011/7/22 メーカー:イーネット・フロンティア 商品番号:ENFD-5324 収録時間:77分 2011年の5月中旬にグアムで撮影してきました! 内容は、夢の世界でちょっぴり大人の女性に・・・とか、ゴルフに挑戦したり、海やプールで遊んだり、綺麗な教会でのシーンなど、見所満載のイメージビデオになっていますよっ!ぜひ見てみてくださいネッ! そして、発売イベントもやりますよーー 日時:8月7日(日) 場所:秋葉原ソフマップ・アミューズメント館 2回やりますっ! 【第一部】14:00~ トーク時間がいつもよりチョット長めになっています。 【第二部】18:00~ いつものように、撮影タイムや握手会、複数購入の方とのチェキ撮影などがあります。 みなさん、ぜひ遊びに来てくださいネ! 詳しくはホームページやブログ等でご確認下さい。 http://ameblo.jp/morita-suzuka/

ホリプロ  published:2011-07-19T07:27:22.000Z