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→ Facebook: → #03 CFAL BRINCADEIRAS: ========================================­======= • CROSS FIRE AL FÃNS : → Curta para ficar ligado sobre tudo que acontece no CF: → ========================================­­======= • RESUMO : Chamei o pessoal que curtiu minha pagina no facebook para fazer essa zoeira ^.^ Logo logo outra zoeira dessa sera feita. ========================================­======= • MUSICA INTRO: Thousand Foot Krutch - War Of Change ========================================­======= • DADOS P/ CONTATO : Facebook: Twitter: @JuninhoCFAL Skype: junior.cesar96 ========================================­=======

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Hack para crossfire atualizado 24/10/2014

se inscrevam: Recomentado Desinstalar o Baidu e o baidu antivirus abra pelo patcher_cf skyper: Gaming.Gamer202 FapCFPRo: FAPCF ONE: Global Loader: Kill Mark: Winrar : Baixar Crossfire al completo atualizado sem erros:

Hack Gaming  published:2014-09-14T20:10:31.000Z

crossfire gp hack 2010 update

e cel mai tare hack de gp din lume i/it is the best hack of gp in the world va rog datzi apply la clanul meu dak suntetzi romani -[No]-Life__ ... the link its Download link of hack : and to working open this page:

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Bugando de tanta habilidade :P -Crossfire AL

Não esqueçam do joinha, e se gostou bastante se inscreva! Skype: limafith Soldado: Sniper-Lima Facebook: Twitter: Canal do Pato: Canal do Killer: _____________________________________________________________________ Artist: White Comic Subscribe to their Youtube: Like their Facebook Page: Download this song for free: ________________________________________­_______________ Our Twitter:!/ByeByeCopyright Our Facebook: Download ByeByeCopyright's Official Intro:

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CrossFire AL - Modo Heroi X - Resort

→ Facebook: ========================================­======= • CROSS FIRE AL FÃNS : → Curta para ficar ligado sobre tudo que acontece no CF: → ========================================­­======= • DADOS P/ CONTATO : Facebook: Twitter: @JuninhoCFAL Skype: junior.cesar96 ========================================­=======

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→ Facebook: ========================================­======= • OUTROS VÍDEOS: → MODO GATLING GUN: → MODO WINCHERSTER: → ========================================­======= • CROSS FIRE AL FÃNS : → Curta para ficar ligado sobre tudo que acontece no CF: → ========================================­­======= • RESUMO : Chamei o pessoal que curtiu minha pagina no facebook para fazer essa zoeira ^.^ ========================================­======= • DADOS P/ CONTATO : Facebook / Perfil: Twitter: Skype: junior.cesar96 ========================================­=======

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Crossfire Unlimited Munition

Der schwarze rand kommt davon da ich mit hypercam es aufgenommen hab da fraps oder xfire i-wie nicht mehr funktioniert haben ....

Thenextkilla  published:2010-11-05T00:52:25.000Z

Poderoso Castiga jogando Crossfire AL *-*

- Peço desculpas a todos vocês pelo Audio desequilibrado do video, A partir de agora os próximos videos estarão com o Audio extremamente correto ♥ ☞PAGE DA LINE Vídeos recente :

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♦ LEIA DESCRIÇÃO • Gostou ? Like/Fav • Quer acompanhar ? Inscreva-se • Pack Clã VIS. : • KillMark Stroiterplay ( CANAL ) : • KillMark Crossfire China : • Killmark IDK : • Killmark HG9 : • Sons : ---------------------------------------------------------- ♦ REDES SOCIAIS • Facebook : • Twitter : • ID do RaidCall : 6532825 • Perguntas para fazer a mim ? ---------------------------------------------------------- ♦ COMPUTADOR • CPU : Core I7 2600 3.4 Ghz • VGA ( Placa de Vídeo ) : ECS Black Edition GTX560 1GB DDR-5 • RAM : 8 GB DDR-3 / 2 x 4 GB • HD : 1 TB 7200 RPM • FONTE : 700W Reais • MOBO : P8H67 ---------------------------------------------------------- ♦ EQUIPAMENTOS • MOUSE : Deathadder 2013 • MOUSEPAD : Goliathus 2013 ALPHA • TECLADO : BlackWidow 2013 • FONE : DPX-21 Turtle Beach ---------------------------------------------------------- ♦ PROGRAMAS USADOS : • Gravação : FRAPS • Edição : Sony Vegas Pro 12 • Áudio : Audacity ---------------------------------------------------------- ♦ MÚSICAS • Música da Introdução : Vicetone vs. Popeska - The New Kings Ft. Luciana • Música de Fundo desse site : ---------------------------------------------------------- OBRIGADO !

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hackvcoin2010  published:2010-07-22T13:59:12.000Z

CrossFire GP Hack 2011 HD

This is a old hack the person who uploaded this delted his video and his link was down.fourtenetly i had the file and i uploaded it.many pepole download and uploaded his video's and they put 'sharecash links. ok here is download link(No surveys: if you are on vista and 7 left click and run as admin.then right you'r crossfire user name and write the ammount you want.wait a min or 2 and it will say wait 24 hours to usally takes 1-2 days so be patient. ====================== FREE ZP HACK 2011 LINK: (click on link wait 5 secs and then click skip add )

Pabel2010  published:2010-07-18T18:40:34.000Z

crossfire crate gp and zp crate opening i saved up 16,000 gp and bought 10 crates. from then on i got money from the crates and bought more crates until i ran out of money. i think i opened a total of twenty-eight crates maybe more maybe less. i also had two zp crates i had been saving, one was an m4a1 custom crate and a kriss crate. i will do another one of these videos once i get 16,000 gp again. heres a list of all the stuff i got. x4 grenade expansion slots x8 speed setup/defuse kit x7 global risk (tag) x3 sitting fire (spray) x4 flash guard x4 psg-1 x9 peeping tom (spray) x3 famas x1 scar heavy two cf coupons x1 carnage (tag) x1 chaos (tag) x5 greater good (spray) x1 mp5 gp collected from crates: x6 500gp x13 100gp x1 10,000gp x3 1,000gp x5 two-hundred gp xtwo 5,000gp next crate opening will be released on november twenty- eighth, twenty deagle crates will be opened and lets hope i get a deagle.

ghdh  published:2009-10-23T02:01:35.000Z

CrossFire Tutorial Speed Hack

Para ver o Speed Hack em ação acesse meu outro vídeo - Download ByPassXTrap-

IIIGiurizattoIII  published:2010-09-26T09:56:05.000Z

CrossFire GP Hack 2011

download the hack if u want link : the hack its new 2011 it works very well it works 100% this hack is Made By : NORSIN

norsin1996  published:2011-06-05T18:19:23.000Z

CrossFire GP Crates

My only gambling time with the crates... I got SCAR Heavy, XM8, M4A1, K1A, K2, FAMAS, M9, PSG-1, AWM, Desert Eagle ( or Deagle ) and permanent Anaconda-Adv ^^ Got this all on [FN]-SCAR.

Agent59241  published:2009-08-10T10:17:18.000Z

[CF] Chinese Crossfire: Gameplay, Guns, Maps, Chars, Hacks, Download, and more (HD)

*[ GAMEPLAY]* • As you can see I didn't do many highlight because is kind of of hard to beast up ultra kills and unbelievables with the bit of lag fraps causes on this Chinese crossfire connection. However regular game play does not lag like you would've expected it. • You will use mostly radio because you only see a bunch of symbols from what the other players say, but if you find someone that speaks English you can do fine, I personally contacted with 3 of them. • Play Free For All on either the black widow, port or some other maps with the sniper only option and you pretty much get no chance at making it alive, it appears that every time you spawn on a corner there is someone waiting to kill you. • Chinese are pro at the game much more that we Americans are since the game came out first over there, so it's some challenging stuff it you look at it. • Chinese player are about 3 times more than the amount of US players. • Default mutation character is the DREAD instead of the borring tired of green MUTANT. • If you see me looking around is not that I am a noob is just that I am trying to shot you the place. LOL *[ GUNS ]* • Prices are really cheap. I was surprised when I checked item shop and saw a AWM for 18k GP, I mean.... Compare that to 56k GP. I was also able to by it with a happy face account. • There are the many dual pistols and semi shotguns you guys have been wondering about. Different knife equivalent appliances not just like that axel or shovel, but much more. • AK GOLD is not that big of a deal over there they got much more sweet stuff for you. •Rank is not that important for the guns that we are used to wait for over here. Noobs can get stuff like the scar light, m4a1, AWM, and so many others you name them that we on our regular US crossfire only dream of raking high enough to get them. *[ CHARS ]* • There are around 3 to 4 different characters (that's excluding the default ones, the SPOP and GSG9). • Char items are so cool and there is so much diversity. Masks, Bags (you can get up to 5 of them instead of just 4). • These custom characters are harder to kill since they are paid with zp they give you an edge on the fight letting you stay in longer. (EX: if some 1 snipes you to the chest with a AWM, you will be left with like 1 to 25hp left). *[ HACKS ]* • I had the opportunity to catch on tape some of the most typical Chinese ways of hacking. It looks like the do front or back flip and shoot at the same time and there is just no way to grab them. *[ DOWNLOAD ]* • Go to Sign up QQ and create an account. • Go to CrossFire China main site and download CrossFire. Google translate it. • I suggest downloading the torrent. The QQ downloader won't work sometimes. • Once you have activated you're QQ account it will give you allot of numbers in Red use that to sign into CrossFire. Be sure to create a text document and save the numbers they can be lost easily. • Start crossfire and enter the numbers then you're password. Now you're done. Note: Please use some common sense when doing the steps. Cant see it, check out this link:

papelitothecuban  published:2010-04-29T22:37:25.000Z

New awsome free crossfire hacks!!! 2010 Unpatched as of 3/2/210

Unpatched as of 2010. There is quite a few hacks here, wallhack chams and many more. Download Link: Mirror: Having Trouble Downloading?: Virus Total Report: (TAGS) Crossfire hack speed hack super bullets god mode aimbot chams wallhack hax leet uber pwnage mediafire megaupload sharecash hotfile multiupload xtrap links bitly vip public undetectable for life unlimited no virus with virus scan pwnage epicness clan crossfire glitches for free easy download pwned zp and gp generator for free mpgh gamekiller tgs M P G H M.P.G.H dead z8games TGS gamekiller ultimate hacks lolz lols unreal combat arms nexon

tamran243898  published:2010-03-02T22:38:34.000Z

Crossfire Thompson and D.E.C Crates.

Hello youtube and well this is my Thompson and winchester, and deagle camo crates. i got Famas enjoy funny music Glock Scar H Mp5 Mp7 also i think i got 4 coupons and alot of sprays and defusing.

FamasOpzreviews  published:2010-04-09T18:00:59.000Z