SAP BPC 10 NW consolidation functionality

See the new consolidation functionality available in the 10.0 release of SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver.


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SAP BPC 10.0 Live Demo Tutorial - Full Video powered by BPC Online Training

SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation is a corporate performance management tool that can cater for all types of planning and forecasting, from simple small processes to complex multi-layer processes, while also providing consolidation and easy to use reporting. Visit: About BPC Training : BPC Online Training has a strong hold both in terms of quality and content delivery when it comes to imparting Training on SAP BPC whether it may be Configuration, maintenance or Consolidation aspect of BPC. Apart from Training BPC Online Training has a parallel support for placement assistance. About BPC Career.. Contact and Enroll for BPC Sessions: Call Us: +1-(347)-727-2649, (347)-727-6828 sap bpc introduction, sap bpc live demo, sap bpc demo session, sap bpc overview, sap bpc demo classes, sap bpc training. SAP's market-leading unified solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and financial consolidations.

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Overview of SAP BPC 10.0 new Excel client

Watch this overview of the new Excel client for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 10.0 that can also be used to access other SAP EPM applications, creating a unified experience and increasing productivity.

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SAP BPC NW 10.0 - Financial Fast Close with Step Consolidation Enabled Powered by SAP HANA

NOTE: New SAP Hana & BOBJ and SAP BPC 10.1 batches are starting on SEPTEMBER 6, 2014. Please contact for more details: Ph: 916-572-5532 SAP BPC NW 10.0 - Financial Fast Close with Step Consolidation Enabled Powered by SAP HANA. The purpose of this demonstration is to provide enough functional and technical details about our pre-configured financial fast close with step consolidation enabled solutions. In this demo we will be presenting the out of the box functional capabilities of SAP's BPC NW 10.0. Viewers will learn on how our rapid solutions will cut-down the SAP BPC NW 10.0 implementation time, cost, and risk. Further users will review and use the future state of their financial close process from day one of a SAP BPC implementation, and we will show you how to access our hosted consolidation solutions over an Amazon cloud infrastructure. Our readily deployable consolidation solutions uses the new features of SAP BPC NW 10.0 including Consolidation Monitor, Controls Monitor & Ownership Manager, Currency Translation, IC Matching, IC Booking, IC Elimination and Elimination using Equity, Proportionate and Full methods. Our rapidly deployable consolidation solutions has been pre-configured to address the following core functions of a financial close process Data management SAP ECC, SAP BW, Non SAP, File Upload and SAP HANA GL account mapping and transformations Group currency conversion Ownership calculations Inter-company(IC) matching IC booking IC elimination Equity calculations Minority interest calculations Goodwill calculations Retained earnings calculations Carry forward Account based and Cash flow calculations Month end close reports Tax reports Work status & business process flow Security SAP BPC NW 10.0 Consolidation Out of The Box Functions SAP BPC NW 10.0 empowers enterprises to perform the time consuming close process FASTER. The business process flow (BPF) feature which provides the user with a web based launch pad, guided navigation, email and visibility of process status. The new consolidation central function enables user to execute tasks as well as to monitor the status -- all at one place, including Data validation, ownership management , journal posting , currency conversation , and consolidation monitor Out of the box business rules capabilities simplifies the following implantation Matching & Booking of IC transactions differences Elimination of IC transactions Currency Conversion Account based calculations, etc Contact us: Hari Gurugubelli 916-572-5532 Note: New SAP Hana-BO and BPC 10 batches are starting on May 5, 2013.

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Live Demo - SAP BPC NW 10.0

Note: New SAP Hana & BOBJ and SAP BPC 10.1 batches are starting on SEPTEMBER 6, 2014. Please contact for more details: Ph: 916-572-5532 CloneSkills powered by Stanford Alumni, we offer a "Role Based Learning Solutions in BPC", in our BPC training we don't teach tool set, we teach business solutions. Our BPC Competency Development Program is driven based on real-time business problems. We are Different, not a Traditional Training Provider or Product Trainers. You can compare our training content and delivery with anyone in the World to see the Difference. SAP is investing in BPC as both a planning and consolidation product with excellent financial reporting capabilities. That means BPC is uniquely positioned as best of the breed unified solution that is capable of both planning and consolidations and financial reporting in a single system. This calls for highly qualified professionals who are capable of dealing functional as well as technical aspects of BPC. WHAT IS YOUR ROI BY TAKING OUR TRAINING THAN OTHERS? · Gain Hands-On Expertise by Implementing a Real-Time Project both Planning and Consolidation · Gain Confidence in Conducting "As-Is" and "To-Be" Workshop with "C" Level Executives. · Ability to Independently Create BPC Requirement and Design Deliverables for both Planning and Consolidation · Gain Skills and Knowledge to Play an Advisory Role with Corporate Financial and Financial Systems Group · Obtain Adequate Expertise in o Writing Optimal Script Logic to prove you're unique and different than the rest of the Crowed o Developing Custom Measures (not just the Standard YTD, QTD, etc) o Consolidation Business Rules o Implementing Custom Data Manager Packages with Conversion and Transformation Files o BPC and BI Data Integration for Transaction and Master Data (Attributes, Text and Hierarchies) o Dealing with Multiple EVDR with Multiple Applications at the same time o Implementing Dynamic Hierarchies o Implementing Flows, Groups and Conditional formatting In Reporting · Ability to solve business problem quickly and interpedently · BPC is not just a reporting tool. We will teach you Reporting, Planning and Consolidation in depth. · We teach functional as well as technical aspects of BPC · Visit to know what others are saying about us. TANGIBLE OUTCOME WITHIN LAST 8 (EIGHT) MONTHS - 100% VERIFIABLE 53 (Fifty Three) SAP EPM Placement 67 (Sixty Seven) SAP EPM Certification For more information: Ph. no: 916-572-5532 NOTE: New SAP Hana & BOBJ and SAP BPC 10.1 batches are starting on SEPTEMBER 6, 2014. Please contact for more details: Ph: 916-572-5532

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SAP BPC NW - powered by SAP HANA demo

This demo provides an overview of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), version for SAP NetWeaver running on SAP HANA. See how SAP HANA accelerates planning processes enabling real-time planning capabilities on big data. The demo includes an overview of the new, unified web UI and Excel UI available in SAP EPM 10.0 (and can be used across SAP EPM applications) as well as an embedded SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards dashboard (licensed separately).

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Best in SAP BPC Enablement Overview for SAP Partners, training starts in June 2010

Nadine Bach, Manager Business User Enablement EMEA, explains how SAP partners can get their Sales and Presales trained beyond Level 1 elearning to become Best in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC). The training is delivered to members of the Best Performance Circle first, combining facilitators from SAP and PDAgroup. Every participant of the partner gets a certificate. Partner with the best presentation will get an award Best in Business Planning and Consolidation and will be promoted via social media (ex. Interview, solution recording,).

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New SAP BPC 7.5 Overview - budgeting, forecasting, variance reporting

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation is SAP's market-leading unified solution for planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and financial consolidations. In this video see a demonsration of how the application can be used to streamline variance reporting, forecasting and top-down / bottom-up budgeting. The version for the Microsoft platform is featured in this video; however, the application is available in a version for SAP NetWeaver for customers that have deployed or plan to deploy SAP NetWeaver (BW). This video also shows how SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) can be embedded directly in the application - note, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards is licensed separately from SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation.

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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation - powered by SAP HANA Customer Testimonials

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.0, version for SAP NetWeaver (BPC 10.0 NW) now supports SAP HANA, SAP's next generation in-memory computing platform. Listen to customers articulate first-hand the value of this "killer" combination of BPC 10 NW powered by SAP HANA for boosting performance, radically shrinking planning cycles, enabling real-time planning, analyzing big data and improving decision making processes.

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Using new web UI for SAP BPC 10.0

This demo shows hot to create a web report and input schedule using the new web 2.0 UI for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 10.0 and other EPM applications.

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SAP BPC Allocations Demonstration

Demonstration of how to use Script Logic in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidations, version for SAP NetWeaver. Simple Allocations scenario based on SAP EPM RIG How To Guide.

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New Workspaces in SAP BPC 10.0

Planning workspaces allow users to organize different views of data to improve productivity. See this demo of how to use Workspaces in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 10.0.

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SAP BPC starter kit for capital planning.wmv

See how the starter kit for capital (CapEx) planning, available for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, can be used to improve the capital planning process.

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SAP BPC starter kit for liquidity planning

In today's volatile economy, cash flow and liquidity is top of mind for Treasurers and the CFO. In fact, most organizations cannot accurately forecast cash flow just two to three months out. See how the new starter kit for liquidity planning, available for SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver and co-developed by Deloitte's Treasury Management and Responsive Finance Team (Deloitte is the preferred implementation/services partner), helps organizations quickly prepare an accurate liquidity forecast, perform what-if analysis to simulate the impact of different cash flow scenarios and strategies, produce executive cash flow reports for informed decision making, and make top-down adjustment with ease.

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SAP BPC 10.0 NW - Currency Conversion Tutorial

SAP BPC 10.0 NW - Currency Conversion Tutorial. A step-by-step guide to configure currency conversion in SAP BPC using Logic script, Business rules and standard data manager package.

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Evolution of SAP HANA

I constantly receive why SAP is working on a in-memory database or Why other DB vendors could not see the evolution of in-memory database? In this short video I wanted to visualize how we ended up having a in-memory database and how this will help/change our world for a non-technical user?

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Mobile Hyperion and SAP BPC Reporting via iPad and Android

CXO-Cockpit for iPad, iPhone and Android devices provide mobile EPM professionals with access to decision-critical information through their tablets or phones. The Mobile CXO-Cockpit App takes Hyperion and SAP BPC reporting to a new level of touch-based interactivity at a low and predictable TCO. Getting access to your crucial EPM information has never been so easy!! The CXO App is available for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Essbase, SAP BPC, Infor and several other EPM systems as off only 1000,-- per month for 5 concurrent users. CXO-Cockpit Mobile is therefore the most cost effective and perfect alternative for BI tools like Oracle OBIEE, SAP BO or any other generic BI platform that claims to work with EPM related data. Please check out this video and challenge to provide your EPM data in just 2 days via our Mobile App.

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SAP tutorial for beginners

For in-depth training for different SAP modules, have a look at; ERP Overview SAP Introduction SAP Products SAP Navigtion SAP tutorial for beginners SAP tutorial sap beginners sap overview tutorial sap tutorial video sap history erp history erp tutorial

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Agile Planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting

Demonstration of some of the planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting capabilities found in SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation including variance reporting, using the intelligent action pane and business process flows, updating a forecast using embedded financial modeling functionality and more.

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