Hetalia Shimeji~

Playing with England, Japan, China, Romano, Denmark and Prussia! :D Shimeji are so cute~! Fuwaaa~ I hope you like it~ :3 All Hetalia Shimeji are credited to their proper creators! 8D You can search them up on google if you wanna try them out yourself. I hope to make more videos of it~ * 0 * ----- Song: Namikawa Daisuke: The Delicious Tomato Song


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Hetalia Shimeji~ 2

This one now includes Russia and Canada! :3 Uwaa...my computer was lagging when I had so many countriess... :( But these are just so cute~ :3 Uwaa...i'm so evil when I throw them in the air...:( Canada keeps multiplyingggg!! 8O Canada-san: "must...make...myself...KNOWN." Credits belong to the respective producers of each shimeji! --- Song: Takahiro Sakurai - I Wish

darkmoonlight56  published:2011-06-11T14:00:33.000Z

【2P!Hetalia】The Series : Episode 1 [Fan Dub!]

Animation belongs to Artistic Vivi Artistic Vivi's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ViviLovesAkatsuki Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OESydwt3qFw 1p Italy, 2p Canada, 2p France, 1p Hungary, 2p China - Fandom Fran - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Q6H0NPvO0HcnCuaHaZiSQ 1p/2p Japan, 2p Italy, 1p/2p Germany, Speaker, 2p Prussia, 2p Russia, 2p America - Skylar Beilschmidt - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG3HxvquSkLbf2uR8p20h3g We do not own the artwork and animation! Just our voices! Enjoy!

Fandom Fran!  published:2015-03-12T23:57:33.000Z

SpeedPaint - [Lu Xun]

um, yeah... Lu Xun speedpaint in Sai and my first record. I hope it's okay.. Song: 陸遜(Lu Xun) - Crimson Wings I made tons of mistakes and did things wrong, so please go easy on me... ._.;;

darkmoonlight56  published:2011-06-09T13:26:33.000Z

what is a Shimeji and how to download one

*****PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION*********** Sorry,English very bad. I am a Singaporean,that is why. (-_-) Sorry for the lag,I computer is like that. This download is actually free. Suggested website you should go is devianart.com Dedicated to Jolene Teo,who does not know what a Shimeji is. I really wanted to download a Spain Shimeji anyway.

12oct2000  published:2011-11-08T14:01:22.000Z

Fun with Hetalia Shimeji-ee's

I discovered them.....now lets have some fun! XD I do not own any of them. http://daitoshi.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2zupdc -this is where I found the Italy one, plus instructions. http://charm-box.deviantart.com/journal/Shimeji-Downloads-223918635 -more shimejis Canada- http://hgnds.deviantart.com/art/Shimeji-Canada-180975459 Prussia- http://alikurai.deviantart.com/art/Prussia-Shimeji-181135051?q=boost%3Apopular%20Shimejis%20download&qo=91 Russia- http://setsu-sama.deviantart.com/art/Russia-Shimeji-APH-180980109

realafah  published:2012-08-21T00:30:21.000Z

sweden's shimeji caught stealing my internet window!

my first vid for youtube. i originally made it for my sister, since she didn't believe that ''those little bug's can't steal anything!'' well guess again! cause i got on tap. so suck it~! XD ----------------------------------------- Edit? Canada shemeji- http://fav.me/d2zqxk3 Canada rip file- http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.mediafire.com/?0ugft3ux2id3hpu Canada rar file- http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.mediafire.com/?il8ko6diyg60n00

melanie bradshaw  published:2011-11-25T10:20:42.000Z

Anime Desktop Fun

Miku Desktop http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GDJM0010 Anime Clock http://www.animetheme.com/animetheme.html Shimeji Vocaloid http://shimeji.webs.com/apps/blog/show/4863266-vocaloid

SonicGirl95  published:2011-05-28T10:02:43.000Z

How to open both .rar and .zip Shimeji files

oh god please stop watching this i had barely any idea what i was doing, and i'm sorry but i cannot answer your questions (as if i ever could...). Where to download! 7zip- http://www.7-zip.org/ Vocaloid Shimeji Pack- http://vocamania.net/topic/7336149/1/ Ciel Phantomhive Shimeji- http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=§ion=&q=black+butler+shimeji#/d4a6bl0 Program I used to record- http://camstudio.org/ When looking on youtube I could only see videos on how to open shimejis that are .rar files! This is not only that but also showing how to get the .zip file shimejis to work!

puppygirl127  published:2012-03-11T20:02:45.000Z

Shimeji and Sebastian Shimeji tutorial

Just a quick and crappy tutorial on how to use/download my Sebastian Shimeji ~ Pretty simple, and i added my awful voice to make it easier ; v ; Download Hurr http://masqueraderrr.deviantart.com/#/d3fnhad Enjoy!!

Momo Crumitie  published:2011-05-06T04:07:11.000Z

how to download shimeji and use them

My friend wanted to download one direction shimeji's that's why they are used in the video. one direction shimeji: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/One-Direction-Shimeji-298655264 Gamzee and grand highblood shimeji: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Gamzee-Makara-and-Grand-Highblood-Shimeji-303867010 43kb- 動作 (copy&paste) 10kb- 行動 (copy&paste) I do not take credit for anything in the video besides throwing it together. If you would like to un-install it delete the folder. Have fun with them! You can throw them against the walls and they'll stick and climb. Throw them down your desktop and they'll drop back down from the top. One of my friends got harry and Louis and they started to kiss fyi.

blndandbrunette679  published:2013-03-04T03:56:28.000Z

Downloading a shimeji ZIP file (hetalia)

First off for this method you need to use the zip file download, once you are done with the download be sure to open the file and extract all files, once all files are extracted you will agree to show the extracted files, open up whichever shimeji you have, the file name of it and go conf, from there on once it is opened up you will see files that have 43 KB and 11 or either 10 KB , You will have to rename these files, for the 43 KB you will rename it to 動作.xml It's okay if it appears in blocks, it's correct either way, now for the 11 KB you will change it to 行動.xml , once both are renamed your off to go and have a shimeji, when you want to put on your shimeji go back to the file where you saw the conf folder and click shimeji.exe and run it, it will load and a little Icon should appear at the side, for this I used an America shimeji~

HetaBoxMattie  published:2012-12-27T10:41:47.000Z

APH - This is Halloween (Multilanguage)

If anyone posts another comment about how China is in the Thai part, it will be deleted... Please read the description since it explains why China was used. MP3 download: http://www.4shared.com/audio/-ytL2dAX/APH_-_This_is_Halloween__Multi.html Video download: http://www.4shared.com/file/nzwOa87Z/APH_This_Is_Halloween__Multila.html WATCH OUT FOR THE RUSSIAN PART, IT MIGHT EAT YOUR SOUL!!! ...Seriously... Since it's October, I decided to post a Halloween vid. =D Yes, I used China for the Thai part because there were no Halloween theme pictures with Thailand. I'm sorry... I don't know why the Spanish part is kinda bad quality. Yes, it's the latin american version too since the only european spanish version I could find was pretty bad quality... Sigh...

Centaurgurl08  published:2011-10-01T15:34:33.000Z

[APH] This is Halloween

Soooo, it's that time again. Halloween is coming and I wanted to make a Halloween APH video. THIS is the result. I hope you guys like it because it was really fun to make!!! Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia Intro: The Haunted Mansion Theme Song: This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson Disclaimer: I don't own any of these pictures. I found all these photos on zerochan and photobucket. The artwork belongs to its original owners, I only put them together for an AMV.

TheEgyptianHeir  published:2011-10-02T07:07:10.000Z

Crea un Shimeji, es muy facil e_e

LÉE LA DESCRIPCIÓN: Aquí encontré una página que ofrece shimejis en blanco para quienes deseen editarlos: http://www.group-finity.com/Shimeji/download.html Yo no creé el shimeji de Beyond Birthday (Death Note), solo lo uso para dar este ejemplo o_ó asique ya estan avisados. Tutorial rapido para crear Shimejis a partir de otros Solo copias la carpeta del shimeji que quieres modificar abres photoshop en photoshop entras a la carpeta del Shimeji y te encontraras con una que dice IMG abres esa, y despues solo vas modificando sus posturas una por una. Cancion usada; NEBULA de Miku Hatsune Editor usado; Photoshop CS2 portable Editor del video; el humilde Windows Movie Maker xD

Your Reply  published:2011-05-25T03:27:12.000Z

Shimeji Attack!

Edit 2: Alright, so a few people asked me for links. I've uploaded a pic on dA a day after I uploaded this vid, so it has all the links (although, I think some of them are dead, so I have no clue where to find those. :c ) http://greenfeline777.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=shimeji#/d3ke0x8 Edit: Alright, I never really expected this vid to become 'popular.' And thank you guys and stuff. c: But I've noticed something in the comments. I hope you guys know that I can only understand English as of now. I'll soon be learning Spanish ('cause I have too), but seriously, I can't understand the comments. If anyone can translate, that would be a big help. Kbye. I have more since my last one! I would linked to each one I got so you can download it, but I can't remember them all! The ones you see in here are: Black Shimeji: Is one of the originals that comes with the program. White Shimeji: Is one of the originals that comes with the program. Green Boxed Shimeji: A test one I did. I colored it green, but used Paint to do it, so it didn't stay transparent. Tom The Cat Test: A test one I made, but I didn't use GIMP, so when he faces a certain direction, his body and nose turn white while everything else is black. Toon Link: My first one that I downloaded. He was the one that does all the multiplying. Cachomon: The red creature. He was made by the user Cachomon on dA. He's my current favorite. Link: Twilight Princess version of Link. Pikachu: he's the cute famous Pokemon. He's the yellow one. Eevee: He's the cute brown Pokemon. C: Snivy: The new gen 5 grass starter Pokemon. He's the snake. Flareon: He's the fluffy Pokemon with orange and tan fur. C: Zorua: He's a new gen 5 Pokemon. He's the black fox. Shiny Umbreon: He's the feline with the blue rings. C:

thegreenwolf777  published:2011-06-28T03:12:48.000Z

[SpeedPaint] - Sasori

Drew this yesterday...gahh, it takes so long to upload a video...I never knew.. @_@ Anyway, here's another video of how I drew Sasori! :3 You can stick around for the song if you like, :D It's his seiyuu singing~ 8D Hehe, enjoy~ :D Song: Takahiro Sakurai - Kokoro no Chikara

darkmoonlight56  published:2011-06-10T06:15:43.000Z

Naruto Shimeji

Made as a tester. will give out beta if anyone wants In progress dl here: http://sanchez2007.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-Shimeji-183376332

sanchez2010x1  published:2010-10-20T01:02:20.000Z

APH-Spain and Romano Delicious Tomato Song

Sorry in advanced for the sychronization that's off in some of the parts I blame it all on AVS video editor, would NOT recommend that program, so hard to edit parts like the chorus I'm Romano and Casey is Spain. This was all filmed with an Iphone I do not own the character designs or the original songs, the mix is by Ruberduckieandfrog on youtube. The original songs are credited to APH and the voice actors XP SongThe Delicious Tomato song antonio's and lovino's version Axis Powers Hetalia

Wonton  published:2010-07-30T01:09:17.000Z

Shimeji - Troll

Not really much is demonstrated, but I made it to show a friend.

CubbyCorp  published:2010-09-21T23:21:33.000Z

[ APH ] - || Ѻ Je Suis Un Homme MEP Ѻ ||

Here it comes! The single thing you've all been waiting for! (even if you didn't know about it~ xD) The 'Je Suis Un Homme MEP' is finally complete and up~! :D A huge 'Thank you!' to all the amazing editors who participated~ Part 1 - shoukri4 (Seychelles) Part 2 - Silvermoon93 (America) Part 3 - TimefulAngel (Belgium) Part 4 - me0here0me0there (Ukraine) Part 5 - iLikeDrowningMyFish (Canada) Part 6 - MadnessIsTakingOver (England) Part 7 - AwakeningEden (Cameroon) Part 8 - EturneaSage (Egypt) Part 9 - animerockz290 (France) Part 10 - xRainbowDragon (Russia) Part 11 - AnkhOrcaLover (Austria) Part 12 - GoYuiChan (Italy) ALSO, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY (and Ukrainian Constitution Day xD)!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This video is under Fair Use: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act in 1976; Allowance is made for "Fair Use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All rights and credit go directly to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended

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tsukurotta  published:2010-09-04T01:32:50.000Z

The Delicious Tomato Song

"The Delicious Tomato Song", a character song for Romano/South Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia. I didn't translate it, I just sang it in English and made the video.

Ryuuzaki2B  published:2009-04-13T03:40:30.000Z