Hetalia Shimeji~

Playing with England, Japan, China, Romano, Denmark and Prussia! :D Shimeji are so cute~! Fuwaaa~ I hope you like it~ :3 All Hetalia Shimeji are credited to their proper creators! 8D You can search them up on google if you wanna try them out yourself. I hope to make more videos of it~ * 0 * ----- Song: Namikawa Daisuke: The Delicious Tomato Song


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Hetalia Shimeji~ 2

This one now includes Russia and Canada! :3 Uwaa...my computer was lagging when I had so many countriess... :( But these are just so cute~ :3 Uwaa...i'm so evil when I throw them in the air...:( Canada keeps multiplyingggg!! 8O Canada-san: "must...make...myself...KNOWN." Credits belong to the respective producers of each shimeji! --- Song: Takahiro Sakurai - I Wish

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SpeedPaint - [Lu Xun]

um, yeah... Lu Xun speedpaint in Sai and my first record. I hope it's okay.. Song: 陸遜(Lu Xun) - Crimson Wings I made tons of mistakes and did things wrong, so please go easy on me... ._.;;

darkmoonlight56  published:2011-06-09T13:26:33.000Z

sweden's shimeji caught stealing my internet window!

my first vid for youtube. i originally made it for my sister, since she didn't believe that ''those little bug's can't steal anything!'' well guess again! cause i got on tap. so suck it~! XD ----------------------------------------- Edit? Canada shemeji- http://fav.me/d2zqxk3 Canada rip file- http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.mediafire.com/?0ugft3ux2id3hpu Canada rar file- http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://www.mediafire.com/?il8ko6diyg60n00

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Gastronomia insólita - Japón

La comida de este país insular del este asiático causa sensación en Occidente. Muchos europeos sienten devoción por el sushi y los restaurantes dedicados a este tipo de comida son cada vez más numerosos en países en los que la gastronomía dista mucho de los sabores de la cocina japonesa. Andrew viaja hasta el país colindante con China, Rusia y Corea para descubrir los orígenes y costumbres de su gastronomía. La primera impresión del americano es que en Japón la gente tiene pasión por la comida y está dispuesta a comer casi cualquier cosa. Provisto de palillos, Andrew degusta huevos de pulpo y sushi fermentado, más conocido como "funa". Además, acude a un restaurante temático en el que el ingrediente principal de todos los platos es ¡la mayonesa! Aquí, decide probar los batidos. Una gastronomía sorprendente e impactante que, por sus curiosos maridajes y sabores, no deja indiferente a nadie.

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what is a Shimeji and how to download one

*****PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION*********** Sorry,English very bad. I am a Singaporean,that is why. (-_-) Sorry for the lag,I computer is like that. This download is actually free. Suggested website you should go is devianart.com Dedicated to Jolene Teo,who does not know what a Shimeji is. I really wanted to download a Spain Shimeji anyway.

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Axis Powers: Hetalia - Let It Go (Multilanguage)

A multilingual version of Let It Go, from Frozen! The song was put together by Disney, I just added the Hetalia fanart. Here are the languages used, in order: English French German Dutch Mandarin Swedish Japanese Latin American Spanish Polish Hungarian Castilian Spanish Catalan Italian Korean Serbian Cantonese Portuguese Bahasa Malaysia Russian Danish Bulgarian Norwegian Thai Canadian French Flemish Enjoy! (NOTE: I DO NOT OWN, NOR DO I CLAIM TO OWN, FROZEN OR AXIS POWERS: HETALIA. THEY ARE OWNED BY THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY AND HIDEKAZ HIMARUYA, RESPECTIVELY.)

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ニコニコ動画から転載 : 1318589507 元タイトル :4月24日 しめじ配信 喧嘩凸待ち http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1318589507 (しめじ:ミラーで凸するのは怖いからやめた。 凸を待つskypeID:simeji00111) きのこ王国ことニコ生配信者キングしめじはゲーム配信から喧嘩凸配信までオールマイティな配信をしているニコ生主。 逆凸した順番 1人目 : 塗装工中卒けんちゃん16才 2人目 : ホモ凸者 3人目 : ノリノリな教授サンデル 4人目 : マッキー24才 前半戦 うp主(20代) = shimeji00111 ニコ生配信者 : キングしめじ きのこ王国(キングしめじ)のコミュニュティ : co287036 http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co287036 CLAN : HTRK : co1781774 twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/simeji00111/ (shimeji : Since I was fearful, carrying out a quarrel rush by mirror broadcast stopped. It waits for a quarrel rush. skypeID:simeji00111 ) The Nico live broadcast person king Shimeji mushroom, alias a mushroom kingdom, is carrying out broadcast [ Almighty / from game distribution to quarrel rush broadcast ]. Turn which carried out the reverse quarrel rush The 1st person : Graduation ken from painter junior high school my 16 talent The 2nd person : Gay charger The 3rd person : Teaching Sandel really into it The 4th person : Mucky 24 talent First half of the game

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How To Make Simple And Delicious Sushi(1/2)

http://www.facebook.com/fortunecooking. How To Make Simple And Delicious Sushi At Home. 1. 2 cups of short grain sushi rice, 2 cups of water, wash and rinse for a couple of times and soak the rice for 1 hour. 2. Use the rice cooker or a pot of water over medium heat to cook the rice. Bring to boil, turn to low heat for 10 minutes and turn off the heat, cover and sit for another 15 minutes until the rice cooked. 3. Making rice vinegar: 1/3 cup of rice vinegar, 2 TBS of white sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of dashi. 4. Pour the vinegar mixture on rice and stir well. 5. Let rice cool down for a few minutes until within the room temperature. Basic ingredients needed: sushi wrapper, cucumber, avocado, wasabi, ginger, salmon, yellow fin tuna, cooked shrimp, mayo, shicimi, ponzu sauce, eel sauce. You can make: cucumber roll, avocado roll, salmon cucumber roll, salmon avocado roll, tuna cucumber roll, tuna avocado roll, shrimp cucumber roll, shrimp avocado roll. You can also add spicy mayo and drizzle eel sauce. Enjoy.

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How I Open Shimeji

I never thought this would get so popular? So I'm going to share a few links that you might find helpful. DeviantART has a group that has shimeji available for download and to share your own: http://shimejis.deviantart.com/gallery/ You should be able to get Shimeji-ee here: http://code.google.com/p/shimeji-ee/ To be able to put more shimeji on Shimeji-ee, you need to open the img folder, create a folder with the name of the shimeji you want, go to the img folder of the shimeji you downloaded, highlight all and press Ctrl + c, go to the folder that you created in Shimeji-ee, press Ctrl + v, then go to a shimeji that comes with the program, highlight the banner and press Ctrl + c, then return to the shimeji that you're creating and press Ctrl + v. If that wasn't clear, I hope I can help you further. Feel free to ask questions.

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Tuna cutting in Japanese sushi restaurant

Chief cuts tuna in Japanese sushi restaurant. First part is called ootoro (big toro), and is the most expensive part of the fish, the next (bigger) part taken is chutoro (medium toro) and is one rank lower.

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Shimeji Attack!

Edit 2: Alright, so a few people asked me for links. I've uploaded a pic on dA a day after I uploaded this vid, so it has all the links (although, I think some of them are dead, so I have no clue where to find those. :c ) http://greenfeline777.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=shimeji#/d3ke0x8 Edit: Alright, I never really expected this vid to become 'popular.' And thank you guys and stuff. c: But I've noticed something in the comments. I hope you guys know that I can only understand English as of now. I'll soon be learning Spanish ('cause I have too), but seriously, I can't understand the comments. If anyone can translate, that would be a big help. Kbye. I have more since my last one! I would linked to each one I got so you can download it, but I can't remember them all! The ones you see in here are: Black Shimeji: Is one of the originals that comes with the program. White Shimeji: Is one of the originals that comes with the program. Green Boxed Shimeji: A test one I did. I colored it green, but used Paint to do it, so it didn't stay transparent. Tom The Cat Test: A test one I made, but I didn't use GIMP, so when he faces a certain direction, his body and nose turn white while everything else is black. Toon Link: My first one that I downloaded. He was the one that does all the multiplying. Cachomon: The red creature. He was made by the user Cachomon on dA. He's my current favorite. Link: Twilight Princess version of Link. Pikachu: he's the cute famous Pokemon. He's the yellow one. Eevee: He's the cute brown Pokemon. C: Snivy: The new gen 5 grass starter Pokemon. He's the snake. Flareon: He's the fluffy Pokemon with orange and tan fur. C: Zorua: He's a new gen 5 Pokemon. He's the black fox. Shiny Umbreon: He's the feline with the blue rings. C:

thegreenwolf777  published:2011-06-28T03:12:48.000Z

[SpeedPaint] - Sasori

Drew this yesterday...gahh, it takes so long to upload a video...I never knew.. @_@ Anyway, here's another video of how I drew Sasori! :3 You can stick around for the song if you like, :D It's his seiyuu singing~ 8D Hehe, enjoy~ :D Song: Takahiro Sakurai - Kokoro no Chikara

darkmoonlight56  published:2011-06-10T06:15:43.000Z

Shimeji and Sebastian Shimeji tutorial

Just a quick and crappy tutorial on how to use/download my Sebastian Shimeji ~ Pretty simple, and i added my awful voice to make it easier ; v ; Download Hurr http://masqueraderrr.deviantart.com/#/d3fnhad Enjoy!!

Momo Crumitie  published:2011-05-06T04:07:11.000Z

How to Download & Use SHIMEJI - (featured DeviantArt and Inazuma 11)

This is my first tutorial video about How To Download And Use Shimeji. Thanks for watching!!!! ------------ Java 6u20: http://www.mediafire.com/?e6e2i53jgna9i75 _______ Links: Deviant Art - Charm Box: http://charm-box.deviantart.com/blog/35252768/ Link 2 - Deviant Art Shimeji Gallery: http://shimejis.deviantart.com/gallery/26762732 DA search: http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=§ion=&q=shimeji ______ ______ Subcribe, Like, Comment Please!!!!!!! Thanks a lot

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Hetalia Half Crack Ipods!

Italy: Best Friend - Weezer Russia: Two Become One - Atreyu America: Party In the USA - Miley Cyrus China: I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly - Basshunter Japan: Honor - Atreyu United Kingdom: My Imaginary Friend - Reel Big Fish Prussia: Last Train to Awesome Town - Parry Gripp France: Lady Marmalade - Moulin Rouge Spain: Spain - Between The Trees Germany: Numa Numa - Ozone In Between Song: Pimpin All Over The World - Ludacris DISCLAIMERRRRR! WE DO NOT OWN THE SONGS OR ANY OF THE PICTURES WE JUST WANTED TO BE AWESOME AND DO THIS BECAUSE WE CAN NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. :D

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Shimeji na manteiga - Receita Rápida e Deliciosa

Saiba como fazer um Shimeji na Manteiga, de forma rápida e fácil, além de ser delicioso! Ingredientes: 200 gramas de Shimeji 2 colheres cheias de manteiga 4 colheres de shoyu 2 colheres de sake mirin (opcional) Primeiramente, separe e lave os cogumelos. Coloque a manteiga na frigideira e derreta. Coloque o Shimeji na frigideira e deixe refogar. Utilize fogo médio/alto. Assim que o Shimeji começar a muchar, coloque o shoyu e o saque mirin. Misture bem, deixe mais 1 minuto no fogo e ele estará pronto para servir. Coloque cebolinha picada assim que estiver pronto. Dica: Se estiver em São Paulo você pode encontrar facilmente o shimeji no bairro da liberdade

CulinariaRapida  published:2011-11-30T01:19:57.000Z

Crea un Shimeji, es muy facil e_e

LÉE LA DESCRIPCIÓN: Aquí encontré una página que ofrece shimejis en blanco para quienes deseen editarlos: http://www.group-finity.com/Shimeji/download.html Yo no creé el shimeji de Beyond Birthday (Death Note), solo lo uso para dar este ejemplo o_ó asique ya estan avisados. Tutorial rapido para crear Shimejis a partir de otros Solo copias la carpeta del shimeji que quieres modificar abres photoshop en photoshop entras a la carpeta del Shimeji y te encontraras con una que dice IMG abres esa, y despues solo vas modificando sus posturas una por una. Cancion usada; NEBULA de Miku Hatsune Editor usado; Photoshop CS2 portable Editor del video; el humilde Windows Movie Maker xD

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Beef Steak with Garlic Soy Sauce - Japanese Cooking - Better Than Teriyaki!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ezjapanesecooking You can use butter instead of olive oil. Also, you can add some sake or red wine and reduce the sauce. No need to spend $50 at a steakhouse!! $4 a pound chuck meat can be sooooo good! Japanese cooking food recipe. 簡単和食レシピ。 Get your Japanese ingredients here. http://shop.mitsuwa.com Music = Cafe Au Lait Beach [Loop A] by jazzcat. Available at Pond5.com License at http://www.paya.com/videos/1075145

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APH - This is Halloween (Multilanguage)

If anyone posts another comment about how China is in the Thai part, it will be deleted... Please read the description since it explains why China was used. MP3 download: http://www.4shared.com/audio/-ytL2dAX/APH_-_This_is_Halloween__Multi.html Video download: http://www.4shared.com/file/nzwOa87Z/APH_This_Is_Halloween__Multila.html WATCH OUT FOR THE RUSSIAN PART, IT MIGHT EAT YOUR SOUL!!! ...Seriously... Since it's October, I decided to post a Halloween vid. =D Yes, I used China for the Thai part because there were no Halloween theme pictures with Thailand. I'm sorry... I don't know why the Spanish part is kinda bad quality. Yes, it's the latin american version too since the only european spanish version I could find was pretty bad quality... Sigh...

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