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日産Y60サファリ オイル交換

2か月に1回やってくる恒例の儀式です。オイルエレメントが2個あるので毎回イライラします。 今回からワンタッチオイルコックに切り替えました。

Onew _ Saranghae

yeap... another video i made for Jinki ♥ can you see what i see? plz tell me what you think ^^ it's a bit longer, and i really hope you like it. -101214- he's turning 21 (22 in Korea) today! ♥ Happy birthday Jinki... saranghae ♥

FaZe "Fakie" has Game!! - Episode 37

THUMBS UP & FAVORITE for FAKIE!!!!!! (Open Description for Info!) Get your official FaZe apparel at http://fazeclan.spreadshirt.com ! FaZe Fakie's channel: http://youtube.com/TehScope HELLO =D Been busy and also bored! those would be my main reasons for being so inactive please keep in mind just because this took a while doesn't mean i was playing all the time because i wasn't anyway its here ENJOY! FaZe Fakie's Twitter: http://twitter.com/FaZeFakie Edited by NiggaCamo: YouTube: http://youtube.com/NiggaCamo Twitter: http://twitter.com/NiggaCamo Music: Logic - Mind Of Logic (feat. Camille Michelle Gray) Facebook: http://facebook.com/MindOfLogic Twitter: http://twitter.com/Logic301 Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/FaZeClan http://twitter.com/FaZeTemperrr http://twitter.com/FaZeCBass Like us on Facebook! http://facebook.com/TheFaZeClan http://facebook.com/RealFaZeTemperrr http://facebook.com/FaZeCBass Check out FaZe Competitive! http://youtube.com/FaZeMLG http://twitter.com/FaZeCompetitive http://twitter.com/FaZe_NameLeSs


kader japoni et 113 khali ygoulo by momou ouled annaba

菅野美穂ナチュラルメイクチュトリアル (Miho Kanno Makeup Tutorial)

products used: primer: ampm skin ecological defense bb cream base: skin79 dear rose bb cream loose powder: clinique derma white (translucent) cheek: canmake cream cheek #12 milky orange / nyx eyeshadow in tropical curler: koji #71 mascara: lancome hypnose drama highlighter: nyx lavender jumbo pencil for inner corner / hard candy tiki for face eyebrow: shu uemura hard formula in stone gray lipstick: wet n wild mega last lipstick in red velvet gloss: palladio ♫ Look My Way by Kylie Minogue Civilian by Wye Oak Sabrosa by Beastie Boys

「やなな」さんと「ミナモ」さんコラボ[Yanana And Minamo]

柳ヶ瀬商店街のゆるきゃら「やなな」さんと 岐阜国体のキャラクター「ミナモ」さん そのコラボのフラッグが柳ヶ瀬商店街に飾られています。 全部ではないですが撮影してみました。 そして、最後は岐阜市ではないですが、チョッと気になった A willow with character "Yanana" of the Yanagase mall Character "Minamo" of the Gifu national polity A flag of the collaboration is displayed at the Yanagase mall. I all photographed it. And it was not Gifu-shi, but brought myself to some finally

Women Team final 16th Asian Games gymnastic 2010 part 12

16th Asian Games gymnastic 2010 women team final Rie TANAKA 1:57 JIANG Yuyuan 3:18 江钰源 邓琳琳 眭禄 何可欣 黄秋爽 杨伊琳 DENG Linlin HE Kexin HUANG Qiushuang JIANG Yuyuan SUI Lu YANG Yilin 山岸舞 田中理恵 新竹優子 小沢茂々子 大島杏子 鶴見虹子 OSHIMA Kyoko OZAWA Momoko SHINTAKE Yuko TANAKA Rie TSURUMI Koko YAMAGISHI Mai